Aptus bucadog tyggelapper
Aptus Relax - 30 treats with calming effect
Sunde Godbidder - Redfish skin rolls
Sunde Godbidder - Cod Skin Sticks 200
Nina Ottoson Dog Worker aktivitetslegetøj
Sniffle Mat
Sniffle Mat
kr. 299.00
Pet Pocket "Build" - Brain Challenge Toy - accessories
Pet Pocket "Box Buster" - Brain Challenge Toy
Aptus Glycoflex Plus - Joint Health Support
DiaCalm Paste - Relaxing herbs and amino acids
Aptus bucadog tyggelapper
For hundens hud, pels og klør
Good stuff dogs love!
Nordic design and local production
Family vet and life coach
Happy dogs in happy families
Active outdoor living
Good dog!
Yummy all natural snacks&treats
Hunting for cool and clean stuff?
Natural dog care
with a little help from Mother Nature

Dog owners with attitude

Nordic Vet Shop is run by veterinarian, doghandler and dog based coach Vibeke Nordrehaug.

Nordic Vet Shop offers quality items for dogs, designed and produced in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland.

When we look for items for our dogs, we look for well designed, delicious, natural, durable, fun and environmentally friendly goods. 

Where do you find the physical store? Come by at Nordic Vet Shop in Værløse Dyreklinik and have a look at our selection of goods:

Værløse Dyreklinik 

Selected items of the Norwegian Provit series you can also get in

Den Grønne Pote (Ordrup)

Turhunden (Lejre)

Buddinge Dyreklinik (Bagsværd)

Do you need help on getting your life with a dog on track? Do you struggle and feel overwhelmed? Perhaps you feel embarassed because your dog is not behaving properly or it seems stressed... and you feel its too much to handle alone? Then an individual course might be the right thing for you.

Vibeke, as an experienced dog handler and veterinarian, also offers one-on-one courses for dog owners who struggle, and want it to be different.

Who herds your food?

Who herds your food?

We often hear about the benefits of eating food based on free-ranging or wild animals, both when it comes to us and our canine companions. But how much do we really know about where our food comes from: how does it live, and who takes care of it before it ends up on our plate? 

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The big puppy eyes - your dog's secret spell to get treats

The big puppy eyes - your dog's secret spell to get treats

If you’ve ever had a meal in your dog’s company, then surely you know that look you just can’t resist. You try, for about 5 minutes, after which both you and your dog know that you’re going to treat him to what ever is on your plate.

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Sunde godbidder, naturlige godbidder - healthy treats, natural treats

Healthy Snack Time!

Feeding your canine friend snacks made from all natural, organic ingredients, can not only extend and improve his life, but may also be better for the environment!
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Nordic design for dogs
Aptus bucadog tyggelapper
Dr. Baddaky - DermAcetic Wet Wipes
Majstor - Organic Paw Cream
Majstor - Organic Conditioner
Orbiloc Dog Dual - Safety light
by Charlotte Long paracord leashes - Handmade 3,5 m
Hurtta - Casual Y-harness
Hurtta - Casual Y-harness
From kr. 269.00
Hurtta Weekend Warrior Harness

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