Sunde godbidder, naturlige godbidder - healthy treats, natural treats

Healthy Snack Time!

You feed your family organic fruit & veggies, eggs from free range chicken, grass fed organic beef and wild ocean fish. Maybe you even grow your own tomatoes in a little corner of the garden. You look for preservative and paraben free cosmetics, you wear clothes made of natural materials, and you dress your baby in the purest organic cotton you can find.

Why should your dog get any less?

That’s right! Feeding your furry friend foods and treats made from wild, grass fed and free living animals has exactly the same benefits as it does for us:

* higher energy level

* better weight control

* lower sensitivity to allergies and rashes

* stronger immune system and fewer infections

* lower risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer

* fewer digestive disorders

* lower risk of joint, spine and bone problems

* longer life and overall better health

Studies done at the University of Aarhus show that animals fed on higher percentages of grass-based (organic) feed show a better balance in fatty acid composition with higher content of omega-3 fatty acids and that the meat itself not only tastes better, but has a higher contents of antioxidants.

You might be worried about the impact of grazing herds on the nature where they roam – don’t be! Ruminants may leave grass neatly leveled into a perfect carpet, but they eat all the weeds with it too, and avoid flowers. Thus, grazing areas allow for the survival of rare species of flowers, as well as provide enough space for trees to grow wide, unlike many planted forests where they are too close together and forced upwards. This, in turn, creates the proper space for birds to build nests and feed on the insects attracted by the plant variety. Often grazing fields aren't suitable for farming crops either, and thus the farmland is well used by letting the animals cultivate it.

It can be tempting to go to more convenient, cheaper and easily available products for our canine companions, especially when we have so many other things to bear in mind. However, having a sustainable household means treating all its members with equal care and long-term vision – including those who can’t speak for themselves.

In the Nordics, we are fortunate enough to have some of the highest quality products – so feeding your pup sustainable, healthy treats is no extra chore: Provit Go'biten – Beef are high quality treats free from any artificial additives, and with no other ingredients than beef. The meat is sourced from Norwegian slaughter houses, which receive animals from farms with the highest standard of animal welfare in the world and the world's lowest use of antibiotics, and strictly controlled by veterinarians to ensure fresh and healthy products.

Use Provit Go'biten as a training reward, or as extra energy on longer walks.

Freeze drying maximizes the taste and nutritional value of the treats: all water is removed from the raw material, thus the shelf life of the product is very long, without any need to add artificial preservatives or taste additives. This also makes them super light and easy to bring with you everywhere on walks and play sessions.

As you've surely considered already, snacks also go into the calorie count for the day – even super healthy treats can be too much if we lose track of how many we allow. Get in touch with an experienced veterinarian who can advise you on proper nutrition according to the lifestyle that you and your pawsome friend have.

Now all you have to do is decide what tricks you’ll be practicing today!

Ioana Lazarescu

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