Dog owners with attitude

Dog owners with attitude

Who are we?

Behind Nordic Vet Shop is dog enthusiast, experienced leader and veterinarian, Norwegian-living-in Denmark, Vibeke Nordrehaug. Working together with her are the Chief Product Testers, the Jack Russel Terrier "Sif", and Labrador Retriever "Molly". In addition comes a team of dog lovers, each contributing with curiosity, knowledge and science around collaborating and living with dogs.

Hundeelsker Magnus med Jack Russel'en Sif. Nordisk stil, barn og hund i skøn forening.

The pet shop part is situated in Værløse Veterinary Clinic, and we work together on offering quality items for active dogs, designed and produced in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland.

We also offer veterinary services, as well as advisory for dog owners.

Part of the good life with dogs, is a great collaboration with and relationship to your furry friend. We have some good and sustainable stuff in our shop that is helpful in achieving that. Treats and snack for positive reinforcement of wanted behaviour, toys for activation, gear for an active outdoor life, clever and beautiful designed equipment and more. This is how we do it:

What are we looking for?

When we search for items for our dogs, we look for well designed, delicious, natural, durable and environmentally friendly goods. In the Nordics we are good at animal welfare, and we can boast of healthy farm animals, very low use of antibiotics and lots of clean nature.

På vandretur i de norske bjerge. Højlandet byder på uendelige timers dejlige naturoplevelser!

We have fair working conditions, are innovative and a international driving force in the developing sustainable and environmentally friendly products. In addition, we are front runners in organic farming and continously strive to become even better. 

All of this Nordic Vet Shop wants to celebrates by proudly offering stuff dogs love - of Nordic origin!

What do you get here?

Here you will find delicious and healthy treats and snacks for dogs. The treat are from sustainably wildcaught sources, and farms with a high level of animal welfare and very low use of antibiotics. Most treats are based on only one protein source, and few or no other ingredients. Thus they can be great even for dogs with food sensitivities. Wild caught and free ranging animals that have been grazing gives healthy meat, which we can offer our dogs to enjoy guilt free.

Our leashes, collars and harnesses are made for active dogs, are very durable, of long lasting quality and timeless design. The leather goods are made of solid, naturally dyed leather from free ranging cattle. Its Nordic quality on it's best!

Kenjan Superlux dobbeltline - en absolut favorit!

All the fun toys are designed to stimulate and activate dogs, and give hours and hours of mental training. You will find plenty of natural and good toys both for reward and ativation with us.

The care products are based on clean and natural ingredients, some approved for use as human food (!) and some are organic. Several of them are great as support therapy in skin conditions, and can prevent and treat derm problems. We want to avoid added perfume and parabenes. 

Where do you find us?

Come by at Nordic Vet Shop in Værløse Veterinary Clinic and have a look at our selection of goods that are steadily growing. 

Værløse Dyreklinik homepage (in Danish)

Otherwise, enjoy your virtual shopping experience here, and please call us or drop us a mail if you want us to help, you are missing something, or you think there is something else we can do for you.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Vibeke Nordrehaug

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