dog makes a mess

To err is human. To forgive – canine.

In a time when we can be anything we want, most of us feel that we have to be everything - at work, at home, at the gym, with our friends, and, of course, with our furry companions. 

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Mental stimulation of your dog is strengthening your relationship and fighting off bad behaviour

Mental stimulation of your dog - why and how

Training the brain is very rewarding, both to the dog and the owner. Help fight off boredom and bad behaviour by training your dogs brain.

If your are in need of help, Vibeke Nordrehaug, veterinarian, dog handler and experienced leader, is tailormaking a programme to help solve your problems.

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A dog inspired me to become a veterinarian

The Nordic Vet Shop story - and what I can help you and your dog on

Nordic Vet Shop is offering dog owner advisory, veterinary services and pet shop - all in one place.

Read the story behind how Nordic Vet Shop came about -  and what Vibeke as an experienced leader and veterinarian can support you and your dog in.

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