dog makes a mess

To err is human. To forgive – canine.

This one goes out to all you #dogmoms out there.

For years now, the Nordics have been ranking highest in Europe for percentage of mothers in the workforce. It’s definitely a reason to be proud we live in societies that are making steps away from discrimination and towards a better and better integration of women into work once they have become mothers.

This means that roughly 80% of the mothers in the Nordic countries are able to continue their careers, and test for themselves the flexibility and balance that the Nordic labour market is known for.

Is more freedom more work?

Yes, most mothers in the Nordics get to be everything: leaders, business makers, creators, engineers, artists, doctors, musicians, teachers, designers, event planners. Women. Wives, girlfriends. Mothers. Home makers. Dog moms.

It’s a lot of people to be in one day, every day, don’t you think?

And 80% of us have to choose from this exhaustingly varied menu every day.


This almost endless range of things we can choose to be, comes at the cost that we now want to be everything...we have to be everything.

It’s not written anywhere, but many women "know" it and certainly feel it: you have to prove to yourself and to society that you can be everything: successful at work, ideal mother, forever young and attractive wife, perfect home maker.

Home is where the dog hairs are.

What happens, though, when that perfect home is made just a bit too messy by the dog’s toys lying around everywhere, among the shoes that he chewed while he was alone? Or when the dog digs up the entire garden?

(You can read about how to teach your dog that it’s ok to be alone in a previous article). 

But what about you? Let’s talk about how you feel:

It often doesn’t take much for us women to feel like imperfection is failure, specifically – our failure. The messy house, the misbehaving and slightly ungroomed pet, the awkward doggy “accidents” when there are guests. It sometimes feels like it is all because you’re not good enough, right?

You feel you are not good enough at work, or otherwise you’d be home earlier and would not open the laptop again in the evening.

You’re not a good enough parent, because otherwise you would spend more time with the kids playing with the dog together, so the dog wouldn’t feel bored or neglected; or you would have taught your kids to be more responsible.

You’re not even a good enough pet owner, or otherwise your dog would always smell of roses and have a perfect coat, and would always obey.


If you only knew how many of us are feeling this way! 


Perfect imperfection

Let's put an end to that today. The guilt, and remorse and shame – it all stops today.

By Dyrlæge Vibeke Nordrehaug you can find a community of dog owners who are going or have gone through a rough patch with their canine buddy, and are supporting each other.

Vibeke started this community because, in spite of all her professional expertise as a veterinarian, pet owner advisor and former military dog handler, she has been through the exact same trouble with her own dog and family life. 

Yup, veterinarians are people too, and life sure has a good taste for irony :)

So today, Vibeke is working as that advisor for others that she herself needed back when she had troubles - so that you can break the guilt cycle.

When your mental well-being is pressured from all sides, Vibeke can help you with the right tools and ways to relieve pressure - so you find the joy in being a dog owner again.

Get in touch to get a 40-minute conversation with Vibeke.  Get your priorities right, so you can say "yes, please" to an even better life with your dog.

If we are a match, we can also discuss a collaboration to solve your dog troubles.

There is no charge for this consultation, Vibeke looks forward to hearing from you, and to building up our community of imperfect, beautiful doggy families!

Book a conversation with Vibeke

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