Feeling overwhelmed by your life with a dog?


 Vibeke Nordrehaug as a veterinarian and dog handler offers support for struggling dog owners. 

Contact me if you recognize some of this...

  • the feeling of the dog being just another living creature demanding you, following you all over the house, even into the restroom. You feel bad for not being more patient
  • seeing the dog as an forever two-year old always needing you, and constantly giving you bad conscience when being away from it. When will the dog learn from all you have taught it?
  • being nervous for what is expecting you when you get home. Has the dog torn the house apart? You always have to keep it in mind when you are going somewhere - you can never do things spontaneously or work overtime. And when will the neighbours run out of patience?
  • the dog cannot let neighbours do gardening or pass the hedge without barking, even though the dog knows them very well and they are absolutely harmless
  • the dog always barks at guests, jumping on and biting kids visiting - it is simply not a properly behaving family member able to greet guest in a polite manner. It might even be afraid of visiting people?
  • the dog pulls the leash when walked, so the kids can't walk it
  • the dog lunges at other dogs when walked, and walks drain you rather than recharge you. Yes, you postpone them, an then shorthen them to make them less straining for you...
  • the dog of you dreams seems very far from the one you have at home, and the furry best friend you wished for has turned into a nightmare - and you feel you haven't done well enough as a dog owner
  • you are not being able to make the decision of putting the dog up for adoption or to sleep for good. But you know this is not the right to do.
...and you want it to be different. 


    Hør webinar med dyrlæge og hundebaseret coach Vibeke om hundeadfærd

    Then I am here to help you!

    I want to help you get your dream dog out of that seemingly crazy furball.

    Do you need support to...

    • handle the demanding combination of a family and a dog, and get away from the feeling that they are totally draining you?
    • get bad habits off the dog and make it polite and sociable, and have the family on board to avoid your training attempts being sabotaged?
    • make sure your dog does not have any pain or underlying disease that can prevent it from being the best version of itself?
    • make your dog listen to you, and follow you with joy?
    • help your dog get rid of its anxiety, and build its self confidence?
    • fulfill a desire for a more meaningful life that involves more relaxing time in the nature and with your dog?
    • make the difficult decision of putting your dog up for adoption or to sleep, without the feeling of shame and guilt?

    Are you ready to work on yourself and create a happier everyday life for you, your family and your dog, then let's talk about how I can walk the way with you.

    I am an experienced veterinarian, dog handler, dog owner, leader and mentor and I will be guiding you through the process.

    You can read more on my background here.

    Yes, that sounds like just the right thing for me - what does it cost and how long does it take?

    I will set up an individual process tailored to your situation.
    I offer home visits, advisory services per phone, and online education.

    When you work with me, you will see immediate results, and in 4 months you will create desired lasting change. I will educate you to be able to develop your dog even further on you own.

    Book time for a talk here

    Please include a short description of your situation when contacting me.
    A talk with me on you situation will cost you zero kroner, and is of course confidential. It will take you 40 minutes,
    We discuss your challenges, and find out if I am the right to help you. If so, we can also talk about how I can do that.

    Contact me today for a talk on your situation, and how I might help you, and get more information on my 1:1 courses. I look forward to hearing from you!


    Best regards from Vibeke

    Vibeke Nordrehaug, family vet, life coach and pet shop

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