Adaptil Transport 60 ml - Calming Spray

kr. 199.00

Adaptil Transport is a really good solution helping your dog keep its calm, and adapt to situations that might be challenging, also outside of the home. It could be in the car, at the vet or the groomer or in other situations causing anxiety.

Adaptil Transport works due to its content of pheromones, which are a synthetic form of the ' Dog Appeasing Pheromone '. This pheromone is a hormone-like substance produced by lactating mothers to calm her puppies.
It works on dogs of all ages.

The Adaptil Transport can be sprayed in the dogs crate, at a bandana or inside the car. Let the solution dry for a few minutes, and then the comforting pheromones are starting to show effect. Adaptil Transport then works for 2-2,5 hours.

The spray is ideal for reducing stress, and increasing the efficiency of behaviour training and therapy, and can also help reduce carsickness.

  • Get a better relation to your dog by creating a safer environment for your dog outside of your home
  • Gives a constant feeling of calm for 2 hours
  • Has a well documented effect

Not Nordic of origin, but an essential tool in the box for dealing with dogs in stressful situations.

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