Aptus Biorion, 60 tablets - Skin, hair and claws

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Biorion is given to dogs to promote the growth and well-being of skin, fur and nails. Biorion contains methionine and biotin.

Biotin participates in small amounts in various metabolic processes of proteins, carbohydrates and unsaturated fatty acids in the body, as a coenzyme. In particular, biotin is required for healthy skin, fur and nails.
Methionine has been observed to enhance the effect of biotin (synergistic effect).

Methionine is one of the amino acids which are building blocks for proteins. It is one of the essential amino acids which an animal's body cannot produce itself and thus have to be given as a part of the diet. Methionine participates in tiny amounts in chemical metabolic processes which are important to the animal's health. 

Signs of biotin deficiency include dryness and lifelessness of hair, lack of pigment, hair loss, skin dryness and flaking, and fragile and peeling nails. The need for biotin increases during the period of growth, as well as pregnancy and lactation. Methionine deficiency, too, may cause disorders in the pet's skin and fur.

1 tablet per 10 kg once daily for 3–5 weeks, thereafter ¼ tablet per 10 kg once daily.

Give directly or mix with food.

The box contains 60 tablets.

Aptus is marketed by the Finnish company Orion.

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