Aptus Bucadog dental chews - Oral hygiene

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Aptus Bucadog dental chews from Finnish Orion reduce the formation of plaque, prevent bad breath and maintain normal oral microbial balance. The dental chews are made of collagen, which gives the dog a genuine resistance when chewing it. The malt in the chews makes the product tastier.

One dental chew daily depending on the weight of the dog
- 5 – 20 kg: Aptus Bucadog SMALL
- over 20 kg: Aptus Bucadog LARGE
Aptus Bucadog dental chews can very well be used as a supplement to Aptus Bucadog oral gel.

Composition: Biological enzymes and activating agents (amylase, glucoamylase, glucoseoxidase, lactoperoxidase, lysozyme, superoxide dismutase, potassium hypothiocyanate), colostrum powder, lactoferrin, collagen and malt.

Packages: net weight Small 224 g, Large 141 g

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