Aptus Relax - 30 treats with calming effect

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Tasty supplement in treat-form, with a calming effect on dogs (and cats).

Contains a combination of vitamine B1, L-tryptophan, green tea powder and patented Colostrum Calming complex. Chicken liver taste.

Useful in situations like:

  • Veterinary visits
  • Separation from owner
  • Travel/transport
  • Introduction of new family members
  • Thunder/Fireworks
Aptus Relax is given 30 minuttes before effect is wanted, and can be given daily when needed.
  • Under 15 kg: 1/2 chew daily
  • 15 – 30 kg: 1 chew daily
  • Over 30 kg: 2 chews daily

The bag contains 30 treats.

Aptus is marketed by the Finnish company Orion.

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