DiaCalm Paste - Relaxing herbs and amino acids

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In DiaCalm, natural and well known herbs work to calm and relax dog (and cats) in stressing situations, like travel, shows, new environments, kennel stays, fireworks, thunder storms and similar.

DiaCalm paste also contains tryptophane, an essential amino acid known to help reduce cortisol levels, and thus lower stress, impulsive and aggressive behaviour, in pets.

Tryptophane can interact with certain types of medicine and supplements, so ask veterinarian Vibeke for help in case you already give your dog other calming medicines or supplements.

  • Give 1 hour before expected stressing events
  • 4-6 ml paste per 10 kg bodyweight
  • Recommended used for a limited periode of 2-3 weeks twice daily
  • Give DiaCalm directly in the mouth or mix with food

Tube of 30 ml.

DiaCalm is produced by the Danish company Diafarm.

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