Pet Pocket "Build" - Brain Challenge Toy - accessories

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Pet Pocket makes toys for dogs challenging the grey ones!

Build - Tricky, Trickster and Bones are all binders and minor extensions to your Box toy. Use them to increase the degree of difficulty and make creative additions.

Built together with Box, Tricky increases the difficulty as the two crosses in the middle are placed offset. Therefore, the dog must use its teeth and tongue to find the treats. 

Like Tricky, Trickster has two offset crosses in the middle, but is closed on the backside so the dog really needs to use its motor skills to get to the treats. 

Bones are often used to build other Pet-Pockets together, but can also be used with single products to increase the difficulty level. See our building guides for options or invent new combinations yourself. 

Please see our Pet Pocket "Box"-products for the basis toys to add Tricky, Trickster and Bones to.

Level 2 to 3 of 3 for Tricky and Trickster. Bones span all levels, from 1 to 3, only your imagination is limiting your dog!

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