Provit "Go'biten" Liver - Freezedried treats

kr. 135.00

Provit Liver. Contains only liver from pigs and nothing else.

Perfect as a tasty training reward, relatively low fat and medium amount of protein. Comes in dices of 1x1x1 cm.

Freezdrying gives extremely tasty, nutritious treats, as the taste gets concentrated and all nutrients are preserved. No additives or preservatives needed.

Sourced from Norwegian farms, with high animal welfare standards for the pigs in regards of area for the pigs to move around on, the bedding, their access to plenty of hay for activation and roughage to eat, and all pigs get to keep their tails. Norwegian pigs are guaranteed MRSA-free.

Norway is among the countries in the world that uses the least amount of medicines in pigs, which is possible due to the favourable conditions they live under.

Produced and packaged in Norway. The energy used for production comes from renewable sources.

Nutritional value:
Rawfat 13%, Rawprotein 66%

Bag of 50 gram, corresponding to 150-200 gram of fresh pig liver.

One for 49,- Buy three for 135,-

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