Provit "Go'biten" - Reindeer - Freezedried treats

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Provit Go'biten Reindeer. Contains nothing else but reindeer liver.

Sourced from freeranging reindeer of Saami reinherding in the Scandinavian highlands. Extremely tasty and high quality treats, free from artificial additives. Perfect as a training rewards, apetite stimulation or as extra energy on walks. 

A strict quality and veterinary control ensures fresh and healthy products. Produced and packaged in Norway. Energy used for production is from renewable energy sources. 

Freeze drying maximizes taste and nutritional value of the treats, and is the Gold Standard in food preservation. All water is removed from the raw material, thus the shelf life of the product is very long. Easy to bring with you everywhere due to its light weight.

Bags of 50 gram, corresponding to about 150-200 gram fresh liver. 

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