Rauh! Moose chew 40 - Chew from elk

kr. 169.00

The world's only moose dog chew, suitable for dogs with allergies. 
For large dogs, or very eager smaller chewers.
Extremely durable and delicious.

Made from moose rawhide using traditional drying methods, with no artificial additives. Made from the entire moose hide, including the upper layer, which is the best part. Thus we can offer your dog a unique, incredibly long-lasting and allergy-friendly genuine natural product.

Bacteriologically tested.

Removes plaque and prevents gingivitis. A tasty treat and pastime for dogs. Light, low calorie content. 

Nutritional value:
Crude protein 87.7%, Crude fat 2.1%, Moisture 6.2%


Weight approx. 300 g, lenght approx. 40 cm

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