Zylkéne 30 capsules - Calming supplement

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Zylkéne is a natural supplement with a calming effect. It is based on milk.

Zylkène are capsules containing alpha-casozepine in powder form, a bioactive peptide formed when the protein casein in milk is broken down by trypsin. Only newborns and puppies have the enzyme trypsin, which liberates bioactive peptides (smaller parts of the protein) when the casein in milk is broken down in the intestine.

These bioactive peptides are transported from the intestine to the bloodstream, and have a calming and relaxing effect.

Adults are not forming alpha-casozepine from milk because they split the casein by the help of pepsin, and thus other peptides are formed. To achieve the same calming effect in adults, one can give them supplements like Zylkéne.

Dosis: 15 mg/kg.

For most dogs one daily dose is enough, but some individuals and situations might require two doses.

Available strengths:
  • 75 mg - 1 capsule per 5 kg dog (or cat)
  • 225 mg - 1 capsule per 10-15 kg dog
  • 450 mg - 1 capsule per 15-30 kg dog

The Alpha-casozepine in Zylkéne is formed when casein from cowmilk is treated with trypsin and thereafter freezedried. No chemicals are used in the production of  Zylkène. 

For best results, it is recommended to combine Zylkéne with behaviour adjustment training. Consult your veterinarian when increasing the dose or prolonging the use beyond 1-2 months. 

In situations which are making the dog anxious, that are of shorter duration, like a kennel stay, it is recommended to start 1-2 days before the stay, and supplement during the whole stay.

Zylkéne works just as well in capsules, as in powder form. All strengths contain 30 capsules.

Not Nordic of origin, but an essential tool in the box for dealing with dogs in stressful situations.

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